Jan 22, 2016

A Pop of Colour!

With the first month of 2016 almost behind us, we’ve been thinking about current trends. One that stands out is a youthful activity reborn. If you’ve visited any major big box retailer lately, you will have noticed a whole table devoted to “adult colouring books.” I know what you’re thinking and believe me; I was skeptical too.

With my pessimism safely stowed at the back of my mind I started to consider the rationalization behind the trend. I soon realized these aren’t your typical Crayola colouring books. In fact, they are marketed not as a mindless activity but as a therapeutic way to de-stress as they reportedly carry the same restorative properties comparable to that of yoga or meditation.

It seems this theory has been developing for some time with noted figures such as Carl Jung prescribing colouring as a “relaxation technique”. The theory is that it enables self-expression and a freer state of being.

Given that colouring requires zero artistic skill, anyone can bring the “Secret Garden” to life without training any at all. With that in mind, we encourage you to join us as we embrace the trend, pick up a crayon and colour our way to a relaxed, zen-like state. Who knows? You may just end up with a fun piece of art. I’d call that a win-win!

Written by: Queenie Yau