Feb 12, 2014

Blue Sky Brainstorming

Hangar Venue

It always makes us smile when our clients tell us to come up with an idea that’s ‘never been done before.’ Or, to find a venue that’s ‘out-of-the-box.’

At the very least, I think we could confidently say that most, if not all of our client briefs contain the word ‘unique’ at least half a dozen times.

It’s a given that no one wants to have an event in a location that’s seen a hundred events before it, or invite people to something that they may have already done the previous weekend. But when a request for unique becomes standard issue, finding something truly different can be harder than it sounds.

That’s why, when we’re tasked to find a venue, we don’t bother thinking ‘venue’ at all. Instead, we’ll think openly about cool places we’ve been, backyards we’ve visited, parks we’ve picnicked in and cities we’ve travelled to. Thinking outside the proverbial box lets us come up with locations that are truly unique.

Take our latest search, which brought us to a fully operational airline hangar.  Like kids in a candy store,  we wandered around in awe as we thought of all the possibilities the space afforded us. What we were looking for was an inspirational room for a conference-style event. The open space, big windows and unique environment would definitely provide the ‘wow’ factor we’re always searching for, and the logistical issues around transforming an operational hangar into a cool and comfortable conference space are exactly the kind of challenges we love to sink our teeth in.

So the next time you’re asked for something ‘unique’ or ‘one-of-a-kind,’ just smile, and let your mind wander outside the lines of the parameters your’e given. You might just find something that’s ‘never been done before.’