Dec 17, 2013

Experience Based Gifting


It’s hard to get through the holiday season without griping about Secret Santa gifts gone wrong, or the horrendous sweater from your mother-in-law, which you bust out every Christmas for its annual debut.

Holiday gifts are a tricky thing, immune to good intentions, which is why we’re such a fan of experience gifting.

One of the best things about  giving an experience instead of a material item is the memories they create, which typically last a lot longer than a pair of gloves.

This morning for example, we surprised our CEO with an in-office manicure, pedicure and massage, topping it off with a team breakfast, pot-luck style.¬†We’re pretty sure the time we spent chatting, laughing and eating will last a lot longer than a scented candle.

So if you’re looking for a gift that will make an impression, try giving an experience instead. Here are a few of our top experience ideas …
  • Memberships or passes: think front-of-the-line access to the Aquarium, Museum, Amusement or National Parks. Annual memberships are gifts that last all year.
  • Tickets: theatre, concert, festival or sporting event tickets are always a hit, especially if you can go together.
  • Classes: opportunities to learn a new skill or try something you’ve never done offer an even more meaningful experience. Flying lessons, cooking classes or wine tastings will create lasting memories and build new skills.