May 18, 2011

Good Business Karma with Grail

Can good business karma help you land your next big client? See Grail’s latest article for Women’s Post.

“Every business owner dreams of securing “the big one,” the account that everyone covets. It is this account that will put you on the map, give you repeat business and pay the bills regularly. So, the ever-present question remains: how do you go about landing that client? Many books have been written about it, offering advice ranging from “visualize the win” to more practical sales strategies. Nevertheless, it often comes down to time, place, luck and good business karma. Whether doing someone a favour or attending industry events, you need to put yourself and your business out there. Now, I do not mean boring everyone in the doctor’s office or a dinner party with your “elevator pitch,” I am rather emphasizing the importance of participating in your industry in person.”

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