Jan 07, 2013

Grail Noble’s Predictions for Travel & Incentives 2013

Written by Grail Noble, CEO of Yellow House Events. Follow her on twitter @GrailNoble

What’s hot in group travel and incentives for 2013? We predict:

  • unusual locations
  • unique experiences that are “tweet and instagramworthy”
  • and an opportunity to give back

The days of just dumping your group in a huge hotel on a busy beach to belly-up to the pool bar after a few meetings in a hotel ballroom are gone. They want experiences. Whether it’s swimming with horses and neon night golfing in Jamaica, or picking their own food from the organic garden and cooking it with top chefs at CuisineArt in Anguilla, attendees want to do something “broadcast worthy” through social media. Mundane Facebook updates and Tweets about what they had for breakfast are so last year.  Give them something to talk about. People also want to feel good about what they are doing, specially the Millennial set. This means experiences like returning turtles to their nesting grounds or working with local communities to build schools. Weaving giving back in with learning to surf or experience the luxury and reward they have earned, gives true satisfaction and the engagement and loyalty you want.

Locations like Columbia, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Peru, Africa and Ireland are coming up more and more.  Even Myanmar thanks to Barak Obama’s recent visit there. Also – let’s not forget Brazil…specially with the World Cup in 2014. Oh and if you want to bring your top performers or customers to the World Cup, we have access to some of the best tickets and hotels for this coveted sold-out event! Contact jen@yellowhouseevents.com for inquiries!