Jul 06, 2011

Green Business Travel Tips

Traveling for business CAN be green!

While business travel may be a necessary part of the job, the toll it takes on the environment is indisputable. Ultimately, green business travel is a grassroots movement. To be an environmental ambassador, a corporate planner can encourage individual improvements, ask questions and suggest easy fixes.

Here are a few suggestions to help green-up your travellers’ next business trip and promote sustainable travel:

Fly non-stop. Pit stops and layovers mean at least one extra take off and landing, which is responsible for half of the carbon emissions during a single flight, according to Kimberly Sanberg, co-founder of GoGreenTravelGreen.com. Couple that with the need to fly kilometres off course to find a landing strip, and the net result is fuel consumed and carbon spewed.

Alternative transportation. If possible, take the train instead of the plane. To get around town, share a cab or a rental car, use public transportation or even better, pedal power, says Fairmont Royal York Hotel spokesperson Melanie Coates, who chairs the luxury hotel operator’s Toronto-based green team. The Royal York, for example, offers bike rentals.


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