Sep 19, 2012

Kickstarter’s Top 10 Success Stories

We’ve all heard about Kickstarter, the crowd-sourcing fundraising site that has taken off in the last two years. Browsing through this innovative site, it’s easy to wonder which of these great ideas will take off next.

After a bit of research, Yellow House was able to find Kickstarter’s Top 10 Success Stories- an interesting mix of video games to record albums to gadgets and technology. Read about a few below:


10) TikTok+LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits – Scott Wilson and his design studio MINIMAL had one of those ideas that everyone wonders why they didn’t think of it first. The company took the seemingly obvious concept of using Apple’s iPod Nano as a watch and created a well-designed product from there. While others had already put out cheap straps letting people create their own “iWatches,” Wilson’s band was sleeker, used high-grade hardware and matched the look of the Nano. The product is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2012 or early 2013.

(Amount sought: $15,000. Amount raised: $942,578)

9) Sedation Wars: Battle for Alabaster – Video games have had their fair share of success on Kickstarter, but most board games haven’t been so lucky. This was the exception. A two-player survival horror game, Sedition Wars is the planned first installment in a series of titles from renowned game designer and miniature figurine designer Mike McVey. It’s scheduled to be out this November.

(Amount sought: $20,000. Amount raised: $951, 254)

8) Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra album – Amanda Palmer isn’t a name that most people know. So how did she raise over $1 million to cut a record? Well, she’s hardly a rookie. She was the lead singer of The Dresden Dolls, which gathered a cult following in the early 2000s after releasing two albums. She’s very active with her fan base online. And she’s married to celebrated author Neil Gaiman, whose fan base is even more rabid. The album/CD is due in September.

(Amount sought: $100,000. Amount raised: $1,192,793)


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