May 22, 2015

Maria’s Musings …

Monthly thoughts, inspirations and musings from our Creative Lead, Maria Mendoza.



One of my favourite things to draw is lips. Never just lips smiling or closed and relaxed, but lips emoting and making interesting shapes​. There’s so much texture and detail that go into lips. If the eyes are the window to the soul, then lips are the window to the heart.

I could spend days perfecting every little ridge and reflection of light. But, as ​previous ‘musings’ have revealed, ​I get so caught up trying to draw objects perfectly, that it could be a never-ending task and I still might not get the result I was hoping for.

So, to move away from my comfort zone again, I tried a stylized drawing. More of a sketch than anything, although I did spend a lot of time using the eraser when any little line didn’t fit with the effortless​ aesthetic I was going for. Ridiculous, but true. Most artists will understand!

It was difficult moving away from realism, but I knew this was the best thing for my artistic growth. So I pushed through. It was a very tedious labour of love and a constant fight with myself to stop striving for absolute realistic perfection.

So here it is and I couldn’t be more proud of the end result.

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