Nov 12, 2013

Management Meetings in a Top Secret Cellar. Wine Not?


Gotta love an invite from your CEO for a Management Meeting at her “secret,” private wine cellar.

Last night we held our monthly management catch up at the Vintage Conservatory, a low key, members-only wine club and cellar in downtown Toronto. With a simple swipe of her fingerprint (very James Bond), Grail gained us entry into an incredibly intimate space, pulled some wine from her very own wine locker and we found ourselves in a private ‘boardroom’ – complete with pink roses, candles and crystals – to talk strategy …. and other top secret things! The Vintage Conservatory is the brain-child of business partners Andrew and Costa, who have enjoyed great success since founding it 2 years ago. Andrew is also a top chef, so we indulged in a beautifully crafted dinner to fuel our creativity. Not your typical management meeting under florescent lights, admiring pie charts and talking KPIs … but then we’re not your normal corporate culture either.

On our way out, we spotted the chalkboard pictured above. What a perfect end to our evening.

Cheers, prost, cin cin, salut and santé  to that!