Feb 05, 2018


Team member Zoe, started out as an intern at YHE in 2017 and in 2018 her motivation, goal setting, hard work, and patience just earned her a FT spot on the team!  She’s on such a roll, that her first ever blog for us is all about staying motivated. Congrats Zoe and here we are, learning from you already.

You made your resolutions in January. You have usually blown them by February. But this year is going to be different, right?  Here are 7 easy ways to help us all stay motivated and on point for 2018.

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Don’t go Big! (Something you don’t usually hear us say at YHE)
A big goal that requires longevity can often seem daunting. If you’ve never gone to the Gym before and then suddenly decide to go 7 times a week, it’s likely you’ll fail. It’s better to start off small and work your way up. Break one goal into multiple smaller goals and you will get that rush and feeling of accomplishment as you hit your milestones. This will ultimately keep you motivated and on track towards success. Enjoy the journey.


Get a Goal Boss
To be a girl boss, you gotta have a goal boss. Writing your goals down and setting intentions is a great way to remind yourself and stay accountable for what you want to accomplish. But taking it one step further, share your goals with friends or family and give them permission to check in with you on your progress. And by “check-in” we mean “kindly kick your ass”. Not only will it motivate you and maybe scare you a little, your goal boss will also offer extra support and encouragement when you need it.

Move Your Body to Move your Brain
Get that butt moving! Being physically lazy and lethargic can tend to make us mentally lazy and lethargic. Making physical activity part of your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to stay motivated. Take the stairs, get up from your desk, check out the new gym in the neighbourhood, and keep your energy levels and mood high. Here at YH we are trying to do more “walking meetings” in 2018, turning status updates into “strut with us” updates. That’s right. Say it fast.


Track It
Keep your head down, but don’t forget to look up! When you’re working towards a goal, head down and ‘in it’, it’s sometimes hard to see the results or feel the change. Documenting your progress by writing it down, or using an app, is an easy way to track your efforts and discover that you have come a surprisingly long way.

Keep the Balance
Life is all about balance. At YH we even have WHPH (work hard play hard) written on our chalkboard. It is important not to be so consumed with one part of your life, that other parts of your life suffer. Because eventually, you suffer. Let’s say you are killing it at work, but you are also so exhausted you can’t make time for family and friends. Doing things that are important to you is crucial to staying balanced and motivated. What you do before and after work, dictates what you do at work. So, next time you think of cancelling Taco Tuesday with the girls, think again!

Be Patient
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither are resolutions. Anything worthwhile takes patience, and change takes time. Always focus on the present, be patient, and understand that your efforts are not going to waste!

Start Now
Finally, it doesn’t have to be January 1st to kick off a resolution. So stop putting off your goals for the ideal time and just start! Get out there and get after it! Or, as we say on the headset before every live event:” Let’s do this”!


Written by: Zoe Starkman