May 14, 2015

Our Top Five Hot Ways to Stay Cool

Though it’s taking it’s time, when the sun does come out, you will hear our collective shouts, “finally, it’s here!” Summer is upon us and after a gruelling winter, it’s easy to forget just how hot the sun can be. No matter what the humidex reads, we want to soak up the rays and enjoy every minute. Here are our top 5 ways to keep your cool, while enjoying the heat.

1. Flavored ice cubes

fruit cubesChop up small cubes of your fav fruits and toss them into your ice cube tray before popping it into the freezer. Not only will they chill your beverage, the cubes will melt, releasing pieces of fruity goodness into your glass!

2. Watermelon cookies

watermelon cookies II

Too hot to bake? Make good use of your cookie cutters on watermelon. Just cut the melon horizontally and cut as you would cookie dough. Serve the fun, fruity shapes chilled for maximum cool factor.

3. Chill your beauty products

Beauty Product Ice

Organize your face creams and SPF lotions into a tray and pop them in the fridge or freezer. By lathering up with chilled products, you can combat UV rays and the heat.

4. Phone fan

phone fan

Powered by your phone’s battery, these portable gems plug right into your charging portal to deliver a light breeze when you need it. They’re tiny and hardly take up any charge at all. What’s not to love?

5. Chilled cloths

face cloths

Get ahead of the game by dampening a few face cloths and putting them into the freezer. When you feel the temperature rising, just take them out and let them work their magic on your face, neck or shoulders. For an added touch, dip them in lemon water before freezing. The citrus will give you an energizing boost, while the cloth cools you down!

During the winter months, you never can be too cool.  We’d love to hear your secrets.  Let us know how you chill out in the hot, hot sun.