Jan 16, 2015

Our Top Five West Coast Health & Wellness Trends

San Fran yoga

If you were asked to name the top 10 cities known for health and fitness, we’d bet our bottom dollar that San Francisco would surely top your list.  Though it’s true they’re responsible for the pseudo-celebrity status of their beloved Rice-a-Roni dishes, locals certainly embrace a health-conscious lifestyle.  After recently spending some time in Fog City, I’m happy to report back on the top 5 health & wellness trends making a splash in San Francisco.


  1. Tahoe, the Great.

Given the season, it would be impossible not to have skiing and/or snowboarding at the top of this list.  Despite the drought and lack of snowfall this year, many San Franciscans are making the 4 hour trek to Lake Tahoe to hit the slopes.  The drive may be lengthy but the picturesque landscape and promise of great runs at mountains like Heavenly & Kirkwood make all the milage worth it.


  1. Cycling!

With such close proximity to incredible biking trails (including the Marin Headlands) cycling has long been a favorite pastime of local residents.  This year, BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) reports an estimated 22% increase in commuter cyclists in the City.  It seems that more and more riders have decided to brave the intensely hilly terrain instead of driving their gas guzzling autos to work.  High fives all around!


  1. Making nice with salad …

It seems that everywhere you look salad bars are popping up.  While there have always been a number of healthy options like The Grove and Pacific Catch for getting your healthy lunch bowl on, the trend towards build-your-own-salad bars and healthy lunch buffet has exploded across the City.  You can put anything you like in your bowl from quinoa to tempe.  For someone who loves variety and indulging as much as I do, this option of all-you-can-eat superfoods fits the bill perfectly.  Go kale, go!


  1. Organics … beyond produce aisle.

Look out cucumbers, there’s a new organic in town.  In San Francisco, when the sun is out, so are the people! That’s why it’s very important to take great care of your skin.   Walk by any Sephora in The Bay area and you’ll see that the most sought after products are those that are all-natural, organic and paraben free. You’ll get bonus points for an SPF content of 15 or higher in your daily moisturizer.  Everyone is going organic-bananas for these products.


  1. Class is in session.

San Francisco  is full of continuing education and class options for all sorts of subjects, including the old faithfuls like Yoga, Pilates and boot camps but now there is a whole new crop of options to help you get your sweat on.  Specialized classes like Bar Method, SoulCycle and PopPhysique are ruling the roost.  With their special formulas for target training, perfect form and maximum burn, everyone is excited to get their sweat on.