Sep 24, 2014

Tech Savvy Threads

3D wearables

We’re loving the way fashion and electronics are coming together. Fashion designers have embraced our technology addictions by fusing tech needs right into their designs. Clothes with built-in cell phone pockets, chargers wired right into linings, hoodies with integrated headphones and speakers  or secret ear bud pockets. Aside from finding spots in our clothes for our technology, wearables like cell phone watches and Google Glass are more prolific than ever. 3D printed clothing is also starting to get some attention, with fashion shows already hitting runways. Model Dita Von Teese wore the first fully articulated 3D printed gown custom made just for her. LED lights are really hot too. A Canada-based designer has taken it one step further and developed unique new dresses that showcase mesmerizing patterns that light up when someone stares at them, using an eye tracking technology.

So, if you really want to stand out in the crowd, make sure you’re all a-glow in some of these fashion forward pieces. Now “taking 5 to renew your batteries” before a big event makes more sense that ever.