Jan 07, 2013

The Best Event Venues in Toronto

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Everyone knows that Toronto yields some the most interesting venue spaces in Canada. From old TTC repair houses (Wychwood Barns) to Brick Quarries (Toronto Brickworks), Toronto boasts some very interesting places to host paries, product launches, weddings and exhibitions.


Evergreen Brick Works
Evergreen Brick Works is the ideal special event venue because its cultural and environmental history somehow manages to remain prominent even as it’s subject to host some awful corporate hand-shaking event. The former brick quarry has beautiful gardens, stunning heritage buildings, and an eco-friendly design that’s brag-worth to all your esteemed guests. The authentic character of the Brick Works could single-handedly put all of Toronto’s vanilla banquet halls to shame.

Toronto event venues

Artscape Wychwood Barns
Like the Brick Works, Artscape Wychwood Barns carries with it its heritage charm from its past life as a TTC streetcar repair barn. As a hub of activity with many not-for-profits and artist studios on the 4.3 acre site, Wychwood is clearly perfect for art shows and exhibitions, as well as food and drink events making use of its greenhouse and sustainable food mantra. Micro-brew tasting, anyone?

Toronto event venues

The Burroughes Building
Chugging right along with bygone Toronto in mind, The Burroughes Building on Queen Westunavoidably nods to the early 1900’s era of its creation. And of course, that’s a good thing. The third and sixth floors are reserved for special events (products launches, NYE and Halloween parties etc.), and being right in the core of downtown, always seems to be a favourite for PR companies. Awesome windows, classic exposed brick, rooftop patio and Susan Sarandon with a ping-pong paddle; obviously the place to be.



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