Jan 08, 2013

The Best Toronto Winter Patios!

“Winter patios” You say?? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Well here in Toronto, where our nightlife and restaurant life is JUST as busy in the winter as it is in the summer, the term “Winter Patio” isn’t as strange as you may think! Toronto Life has gathered 11 “hot” winter patios for you to visit on any given night in Toronto. One thing is for sure- they are all beautiful!


The Drake Sky Yard (Image: Connie Tsang/The Drake Hotel)

Toronto’s love of patios is a curious, twisted thing. Even when the day’s high is minus-something-awful and snow blankets the streets, Toronotonians will do seemingly anything for a snatch of sky with their meal. It’s a point of great northern pride, a desperate attempt to pretend winter isn’t, well, winter and, really, just plain weird. To the city’s most stubborn patio-philes, we both salute you and question your grip on reality. We also offer 11 restaurants and bars with a fully fuctional winter patio—so you can tackle the year’s toughest months with drink in hand and toque on head.


Drake Sky Yard
A rooftop patio during the winter may seem like an invitation for hypothermia, but hear us out: the Drake transforms their Sky Yard each year into “Shack Chaud,” complete with patio heaters and a fire pit to warm your hands. For the under-dressed, the bar is area is covered, providing a bit of shelter from the elements.1150 Queen St. W.
How cold? Wear a light fur coat (it’s on trend, after all).

Guu Izakaya
Bundle up—this patio is open air. The only way to really warm your core is with a stiff sake-based drink, since food isn’t served outside. 398 Church St.
How cold? You’ll be drinking with your mitts.

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