Oct 15, 2013

The Science of Happy


Happy employees do great work.  So after a weekend spent reflecting on all the things we’re thankful for, it seemed more than appropriate to take a few moments to share how grateful we feel to have such an incredible team, such stellar clients and such awesome jobs.

Our House is truly our home away from home, and we’re lucky to work in such an innovative, creative and supportive environment.  It’s why we’re happy to work as hard as we do for our clients.

Last week, our fearless leader (oh, and also the president and CEO of YHE) spoke on a PROFIT magazine panel about the importance of creating a culture that employees will thrive in. She was also featured in Advantage Magazine, talking about bucking the corporate cubicle in favour of something a little less traditional.

And it’s because of this that we’re all so excited to come in to work after a holiday weekend, or after any weekend. Any time at all.

So from our House to you, thanks for being part of our team. And if you need a happy place, you’re welcome at ours anytime.