Oct 14, 2014

Top 5 … ways to make your space more creative


Sometimes we laugh a little bit when a client suggests meeting at our place – for a meeting we’re not even a part of. We can see why. It’s easy to fall in love with our office, which is why we’ve even started renting it out as a venue for our friends and clients. We put a lot of thought into how to make our Creative Space as inspiring as it can be. This is our space for late night planning, blue-sky brainstorming and coming up with concepts that are out-of-the proverbial box.

When putting together our plan to build the perfect Creative Space, we came up with our Top 5 Solutions to make it the perfect space.

1.  Make it cozy. IMG_20140317_115835

There’s nothing that makes you want to leave a meeting faster than uncomfortable seating. When designing our Creative Space, we went more for a living room style vibe, which lets us sink in and get comfy for the long haul. Faux-fur beanbag chairs and cozy couches let us stretch out during long days (and longer nights).

2. Space for mistakes. And for genius!

We used almost every wall available as an option to write, scribble, play and erase. One giant blackboard and another huge white board fill the walls in our space, making it easy to jot down ideas and grow them from there. When every inch matters, it can feel restrictive or confining. When you’ve got a big, blank canvas, you’re more likely to feel a creative licence, which is when magic happens!

3. Natural light. 

One word: fluorescents. Two words: no thanks. When we can, we strive to have as much natural light as possible, which gives us not only a link with the outside world but also an opportunity for fresh air and soft natural lighting. There are heaps of studies that show the benefit of natural lighting, so our wall of windows gives us the extra perk we need when we’re stuck inside during crunch time.

4. A Family Table.  IMG_20141014_122222

When it comes to big ideas, the more brains, the better. If we have big decisions to make or challenges to sort through, we’ll engage our whole team to tackle the issue. So having a surface that the whole family can fit around was crucial when designing our space. Tucked in a boardroom for maximum privacy if needed, our table happens to be handmade by our very own Paul Noble, making it even more awesome.

5. The Right Tech. 

As much as we love our chalkboard and dry erase markers, we love our tech gadgets even more. We produce events all over the world and deal with globe-trotting clients every day, so staying connected is at the top of our priority list when it comes to making a meeting space work. We use things like Google Hangouts on Smart TVs to make sure everyone stays up-to-speed no matter where they are. And wifi. Lots and lots of wifi.

Want to come check us out? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to give you a tour. Or, just come hang out. Did we mention we have faux fur bean bag chairs? Enough said.