Dec 02, 2013

Top Five Career Enders at the Company Holiday Party


It’s December! Along with an abundance of shortbread, it’s also the busiest social season of the year.As event planners, no one likes a party more than we do. And since we’ve seen our fair share of office holiday parties, we’ve also been privy to more cringe-worthy moments than Rob Ford’s PR team.
So to help avoid the worst office party pitfalls, here are our Top 5 Career Ending Party Moves:
1. Throwing up anywhere, anytime.
It’s a hard and fast rule – you’ve heard it a million times. Watch your alcohol intake.It’s ok to let loose and have fun – you won’t be the only one, that’s why office Christmas parties are so much fun. But stay well away from the blurred line, because once you’ve crossed it, you can’t come back. Throwing up is gross. Watching someone throw up is even worse. So save your hangover for another day, and just enjoy the buzz.
2. Telling people ‘what you really think.’
You know the feeling. You’ve had a glass of wine or seven, and all of a sudden it becomes obvious that the world, or at least your entire workplace needs to know exactly how you feel about the new intern, the sick-day policy, or how you really feel about the memo your CEO sent around last week. Surely everyone agrees with you, right? Wrong. And even if they do, they’ve probably realized that just because you’re technically off the clock, you’re still on display, with more professional exposure than your average 9 to 5. So make sure you don’t say anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading out loud in a boardroom the next day.
3. Slow dancing with the wrong partner.
Sure, getting your groove on with the tech team is  an integral part of any office holiday bash. But when the music slows down, avoid having your arms around your boss’ spouse, or the CEO’s ‘friendly’ brother. Couples grinding a slow groove to Selena Gomez are bound to raise eyebrows and you can guarantee your two minutes on the dance floor will last a lot longer at the water cooler.
4. Bringing a +1 that will subtract any credit you ever had. 
All these tips are for naught if you bring a friend who spikes the virgin punch or hits on anyone with teeth. Your plus one is an extension of you, so think carefully about who will be the best fit for the party and talk to them ahead of time about any sensitive issues to steer clear of.
5. Not sending a thank you note. 
Just because it’s an office party, doesn’t mean it organized itself. Take the time to find out who was in charge of pulling it together and send a thank you the next day. You’ll buy a lot of goodwill, and grab some good karma in return.