Nov 19, 2013

Top Five: Tricks to stay energized on long days (or nights)



On event days, we often get a lot of of people asking us how we keep our energy up during days that sometimes start before the sun comes up and continue until the wee hours of the next morning. 
Sure, you might see us sneak an occasional yawn as we chug back our fourth Venti Bold, but over the years we’ve built up some tried and true methods to keep us on our toes for your longer than average work day. 
So with the craziness of the Christmas season just around the corner, here are our top five tips to keep your energy up and your sanity strong during long days (or nights).  
1. Go to bed early.
Sounds simple, but we mean really early. Allow extra time to settle down, shake off the night-before jitters, and clear your mind of all the little details you’ve been focusing on for the last few weeks. 
2. Watch your caffeine intake.
No, we’re not suggesting you avoid coffee (or tea, or a shot of Baileys), but make sure you’re getting a consistent supply, instead of intermittent binges. For each burst of energy you get from a can of RedBull, you can expect an equivalent crash, so make sure you avoid the caffeine roller coaster by consuming a consistent supply. 
3. Stay stress free.
The fastest way to crash and burn is to vacillate between high and low stress levels. Try and stay calm throughout the day to avoid wasting emotional energy. Be as organized as possible, and do as much work in advance as possible to alleviate your workload on event day. That way, you’ll have time and energy to focus on any issues that may pop up.
4. Keep smiling.
Research shows that smiling even when you’re not feeling it can increase your mood and actually make you happier. So make a conscious effort to show as many teeth as possible, and be warm and pleasant, no matter what you’re facing. Not only will you feel happier, but you’ll find most people will be nicer in return. 
5. Get into it.
In the midst of all the chaos, it’s easy for an event to fly by without taking the time to step back and enjoy the results of your hard work. Make sure you stay in the moment and experience the event as if you were a guest. Moments of pride in what you’ve pulled together will give you more of a high than a can of RedBull ever will.