Neuchatel Junior College 60th Anniversary Reunion

Celebrating a 60th anniversary is no small occasion – Neuchatel Junior College decided to commemorate the momentous milestone by hosting an alumni gala for graduates of all 60 years! YellowHouse was tasked with creating an experience reminiscent of the NJC atmosphere with nods to the swiss alps and apres ski scene that would appeal to multi-generations. From the two giant alphornists welcoming guests into the main entrance, to the massive custom ice sculpture, to the cozy chalet decor – guests were fully immersed from the moment they stepped onto the red carpet. We used a “washout screen” to project a massive image of the alps along the entire side of the room. Party goers danced until the wee hours of the morning, each taking home a souvenir from the NJC pop-up shop we created and a box of chocolates flown in from Belgium.