Vet Alliance Country House

Vet Alliance “Taking the Fear out of your Financials” – Country House

We all know that talking about your business finances can be intimidating and even scary at times. That’s why we built a warm and inviting virtual country house to host this 2 day workshop on better understanding business financaces in the veterinary world. Attendees logged in to find a stately mansion with gates swung wide open, dogs running to greet and a friendly bellman at the door to guide them in. From there, the lobby hosted a welcome video explaining the features of the venue, the flow of the day and allowed for tech support. Instead of a large capacity main stage we custom designed a sun-filled cozy room to gather for co-operative learning sessions facilitated by zoom and our tech expertise. To set the tone of an easy going, fun event, we opened the night before with a mixology class featuring Bar Chef and a custom cocktail created just for our vets! Interactive trivia with great prizes helped to underscore the important messages and encouraged teamwork to come up with the correct answers together. We even incorporated pets into the interior design in every room.