Feb 05, 2021

Getting You Game Ready: Super Bowl Nachos in 7 Simple Steps

YHE Alumni, and nacho enthusiast extraordinaire, Anjelica Ong, aka @nachofriend, has collaborated with us to show us how she is planning to prepare her nachos for Super Bowl Sunday. And yes, she is a nacho expert! 

Somehow still tiny, Anjelica has tasted nachos made in 100s of different ways. But, when making them at home, she likes to keep things simple. It starts with the best chips for the perfect foundation, lime flavour chips or sea salt, no lettuce (get your greens on a different day), REAL cheese, REAL sour cream, REAL homemade guac, taco seasoning ground beef (optional) all in  tons of tons of layers and do not be shy with the SEASONING. 

So while Brady and Mahone prep their game strategies for this weekend, all you need to do is prep this simple recipe, sit back and enjoy! 

Ingredients needed:

Lime Chips or Salted Chips x 2 Bags

3-4 small avocados

2 limes + 2 lemons




REAL cheese (cheddar or a variation of cheddars). Vegans feel free to opt for a lactose free cheese alternative.

Taco Mix 

Ground Beef (Optional) 

Red Onion

White Onion

Chili Lime Seasoning 

Sour Cream (no fat-free sh*t, the real thing)

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Step 1.

Optional. Cook ground beef and add salt, pepper, chili lime seasoning, chopped onion and taco mix. Cooked until it’s ready. 

*Vegetarians – feel free to skip this step 😉

Step 2.

Have your baking sheet pan out, and cover the top with parchment paper.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. 

Step 3. 

Cover your baking sheet with an even layer of the crispiest tortilla chips. 

Layer it with your ingredients. Start with your chips. Once the pan is covered with chips, go ahead and add the fresh ingredients. Make sure you shred your cheddar cheese in an even layer throughout, no chips left behind. Chop and dice a white onion into small pieces and scatter it throughout with the cheese for extra texture. Sprinkle in the seasoned, cooked ground beef, again optional. Add more chips on top, and repeat these steps, cheese + diced onion + beef and then another layer of chips + onion + cheese + beef, like you’re building a tall sandcastle.  

Step 4.

Once you get it to your preferred height, safe enough that it won’t fall over in the oven, add in more chili lime seasoning throughout, because why not?

Step 5. 

Now you are ready to put it in the oven, set a timer for 20 minutes and watch the cheese melt. 

Step 6.

While the nachos are baking. Start making your homemade guac! Get your ripe avocados and mash them in a bowl, put a teaspoon of some chili lime seasoning, dash of sea salt, pepper, ½ teaspoon of garlic powder and garlic onion and mix it all together. Top it off with chopped dice red onion, diced tomato,cilantro, and most importantly, squeeze lime and lemon on top!

Step 7:

Once it’s ready, and you haven’t burned your house down, take out the nachos from the oven and place them in an area to cool. Drizzle sour cream all over, cilantro and jalapeno to add a little spice, and then chopped chives to make you feel like you’re healthy. Finish with a fresh squeeze of lime and enjoy!

There you have it! NachoFriend’s classic chos for Super Bowl Sunday. Now if this feels like a chore to you, then she urges you to order take out instead and support local restaurants! Stay safe!

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