Oct 26, 2017

The YHE Travel Survival Guide

IMG_6495St. Lucia – Site Inspection October 2017

Event Planners are constantly on-the-go. Travelling is no doubt an exciting part of this career, but it can also be an overwhelming one. Sometimes you have to mentally pack so you spend as little time as possible actually doing it before or after work, with a 50% chance of forgetting a necessity like your toothbrush, comfiest shoes or portable charger. Never mind having time to research “things to do” or “where to eat” wherever you may be going. On the flip side, if you have time, you likely over pack as you dive into your what may seem, bottomless closet and think “I might wear this”, only to end up wearing 25% of what you packed and wishing you left room in your luggage to bring home new things.

YellowHouse Events is based in Toronto but the team can be found all over the world executing experiences for our amazing clients.  From roadshows in NYC, Atlanta, Chicago and L.A., to rocking out in Nashville, to surfing the waves in Hawaii, some of us may go as far as to say we’re experts at packing. Just this past weekend, Trevor from the YellowHouse team made a quick trip to St. Lucia to ensure to test the waters and complete his research for an upcoming incentive program.  Travelling for work encourages us to use our organizational skills and think strategically more than we already do. For instance, have you heard of creating an Excel spreadsheet to help you pack light and efficiently?  

With all this being said, the YellowHouse team has compiled a list of our top tips and tricks and share this travel survival guide to get you ready for your next trip.

Research things to do in the city you’re travelling to beforehand and where’s best to eat. Be open to tasting the local food or what the city is known for. This will help you make the best of time you have there, whether little or a lot, and often you will discover some of the best food. We have no doubt Google Maps will become your good friend.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn! Being on the road sometimes means no sleep. Take advantage of the empty time you have on the plane, train or automobile and sleep. There’s a chance you’re only in the city you’re visiting for a short period of time, so go out and explore if you’re not completely exhausted. #SleepWhenYouAreDead.

Pack light and efficiently. Be sure to check the weather forecast of the place you’re visiting beforehand to pack accordingly. Layers and neutral colours are best and allow you to mix and match. Don’t forget to pack something business casual in case of a surprise dinner or client party!

Ready for anything. Always carry the following 3 things in your daypack: a portable charger, facial wipes and snacks. A portable charger saves you from draining your battery when you’re constantly emailing and posting on social media. Facial wipes help you feel refreshed while on the road, and for the ladies, are a great substitute for when you can’t bring bottled cleanser with you. Finally, snacks are essential when you’re on-the-go and don’t have time to stop and eat. Always have something to much on and re-energize you to power through your long days.

Have some travel tips and tricks of your own you’d like to share? Comment below, we’d love to add it to our list.

Happy travelling!

Written by: Adrianna Dyczkowsky